Four loaves of Luxurious Ol Fashion soap are shown, just out of their molds, before cutting into individual soap bars.

The beauty of soap made from scratch, Ol Fashion Soap Bars are created by using the hot process soap making method that creates rustic looking, luxurious bars of soap that include naturally occurring glycerin.

Recipes vary & may include olive oil, coconut oil, castor oil, tallow (rendered onsite), cocoa butter, shea butter, vitamin E, fragrance oils or colorants (each listing has specific ingredients). For maximum scent, use within 1-2 months of purchase, when scent is strongest, however the soap bars themselves will last a long time, some over a year, it's just the color & scent tend to fade over time in this particular type of soap*. This soap tends to create more suds with well water & soft water, although it cleanses just as well with hard water.

The use of a washcloth or scrubbie encourages more suds, also. Keep soap dry between use - use a soap saver dish to keep out of water.

You will love the way your skin feels!

*the Decorative Glycerin Soap Bars hold color & scent for over a year, if that's more of something you're interested in.

Luxurious Ol Fashion Soap

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