A group of decorative glycerin soap bars are shown in four translucent colors - yellow, purple, gold & magenta.

9 new scents - lotsa "Little Soap Paws" on 2nd & 3rd pages - see all 3 pages!

The Decorative Glycerin Soap Bars are made using the soap casting method that starts with a premade soap base, often called melt and pour. The base is melted, then pleasing colors & aromatic fragrances are added, to create a unique, beautiful bar of soap. Even though they are decorative, please use them!

The Decorative Glycerin Soap Bars are wrapped in clear cellophane with a fun addition - maybe ribbon, raffia, rhinestones, little appliques or washi tape on the packaging. Great for gift giving to a friend, co-worker, pet sitter, mail person, neighbor...so many possibilities.

This type of soap bar keeps it's color and scent for a long time. You will love the way your skin feels!

Decorative Glycerin Soap

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